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10 tips for modern wedding flowers

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Recently, in what was potentially a moment of insanity, I got up at 4.30am & went to the local flower market. While it wasn't exactly the hive of colour & activity I was expecting, it was an amazing experience & well worth a visit. Seeing all of the flowers on offer & the wide variety of colours, textures & sizes, got me thinking about flower arranging for weddings & events. Now, I'm definitely not an expert on flowers, more of an admirer of gorgeous arrangements & an event stylist, but here's my take on the top trends for wedding flowers to get you inspired.....

Purple Roses;

In all honesty, it's taken me a while to warm to this. For a long time purple was reserved for my teenage years never to be revisited, but after seeing this stunning centrepiece at a recent wedding, I was convinced. The flower market had a range of purple shades available & I was drawn to the lighter, more pastel tones, that would be great mixed with some delicate green textures & a mix of white flowers, in varying varieties & sizes. 

Green & white

For a fresh, modern & minimal look, you can't go wrong with green foliage & simple white flowers. To avoid bordering on boring, mix up the types of flowers you use. As you can see in this table setting, a mix of shapes & sizes have been used, but the simple 2 colour pallette stops it from going overkill. 


Wildflowers have been trending in the gardening world & this looks set to continue on into flower arranging & wedding styling. This is a great look if you want a relaxed, casual feel, with a pop of colour. Try & keep the size of the florals similar & add a simple sprig or two of greenery to break the colours up. 

Bold & Bright

There is of course, the option to go all out. Not one for the faint hearted. If you're going for full on colour, try and limit the colour palette to two or three complimentary shades, rather than colour clashing which, if done incorrectly, could look like a mess (for the do's & dont's of colour clashing, you could read this post here). In the bouquet pictured, you can see they have used an effective core colour palette of pink & yellow,  with some orange tones.

Delicate & natural

The rustic look is still going strong & this option is really easy to do as a DIY. Simply mix a few options of greenery (LOVE the ferns in here) & add a ditzy floral. White works really well here, but I also liked the pale purple option I saw at the flower market. 

Colour & texture

I think this bouquet is stunning, the pale colours with a pop of orange is really interesting & I like the use of the greenery. For this look you'll need to source a mix of textures, some delicate petals & more rigid shapes would make a great contrast. As there's a lot going on with different types of flowers, try & keep the greenery to just one option, so you don't overcomplicate the look. 

White & a hint of pastel

Almost all white arrangements can lend themselves to a clean & fresh look. Try mixing a variety of white florals with a little foliage & some subtle colours - pastels would work well. Tie together with a pale bow to complete the style.

Unexpected texture

I'd say this is one of my favourite looks, but probably one of the easiest to get wrong. The key here I think is to not have too much going on. Try to keep the colour palette tight (I love the centre piece example, but I think it's a really hard look to recreate & do well), limit it to 3 colours plus foliage. I'd keep the flower sizes similar to allow for such a variety of textures. Try to find something unusual, I love my finds from the flower market. Try & get in touch with a local grower or flower auction house & see if you can arrange to get something special. It can sometimes be tricky to get flowers direct if you're not a florist, but I find a little conversation & friendly approach can go a long way. 

Colour blocking

This is an easy one & something I'd recommend if your taking a DIY approach. Simple but effective, colour blocking can create a striking, modern arrangement. Choose some simple foliage, a light colour (white or cream are perfect, but pastels could work too) & a colour pop. As you know, I love pink, but orange, red or purple could be great - tie it in with your wedding colour scheme. Different types of flowers are fine, but I'd limit it to 5 varieties (i.e. greenery or florals) to keep the look clean. 


Foliage focus

I'd say focusing on the greenery is one of the newest looks. It can work for any season, but in my opinion it's a great option for Autumn & Winter weddings, as it fits in with a more subdued wintery colour palette. Make the foliage the hero here & try two or three different types, but don't be afraid to add a colour. The pinky red tones in this example works really well. 


That's it! Which was your favourite? As you know I love to hear feedback, so please feel free to pop your comments in the box below....

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