29 & September

A Nomad's table....

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As you may know, I'm all about entertaining....I aim for this blog to inspire you to have fun entertaining & celebrating the small things. I saw this stunning table set up through a photographer I'm working with & had to share it on the blog. I'm usually one for more subtle styles, but this fits in perfectly with this month's 'Nomadic' theme & the mix of colours somehow works wonders. & who doesn't love a mountain of throw pillows?  

A Nomad's feast, 29&September

Hints for mixing lots of prints, textures & colours, without it looking like a jumble sale;

  • Keep it balanced - don't have print on everything, keep some things plain. For example, in the close up shot above, the cutlery & glass are plain in colour & some of the natural wood table is exposed. This balances out the look, so your eye is drawn to the print, rather than being overwhelmed by printed everything.
  • Play with scale - change up the size of the detail in the prints. In this example the ceramics have a smaller, ditsy print, whereas the table runner has larger details and the cushions even more so.
  •  Tie the colours together - while there is a lot of colour going on, all of the elements link together. The 3 core colours (blue, pink & red) are all shown in different aspects of the setup. Some of the prints include all 3 colours & each colour is seen in the textiles, both on & off the table. Feel free to incorporate as many colours as you want, but try and steer clear of any colours only shown once. 

I hope these tips are useful! If you have any others I'd love for you to share them, please feel free to leave a comment below......