29 & September

Get the look - Caggie Dunlop

FashionVicki WallisComment

I wanted to start a new series of 'get the look' posts, to show fashion and lifestyle trends in a wearable way, with product that you can find at a reasonable price. So here goes...

I thought this was a great one to start with as the Northern Hemisphere enters Spring - lots of events start happening around this time of year and it's always good to have a stylish 'go-to' outfit. This one is pretty and unusual, but fits perfectly with the Pantone colours of 2016.

Clutch (Caggie's actual clutch!) - 29&September approx $90 USD

Dress - The Dress Shoppe at the Iconic approx $120 USD

Shoes - ASOS Pout approx $58 USD

Images are from the Vogue Diaries coverage of 'Made in Chelsea' star Caggie Dunlop at an FHM awards show

Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any other looks or trends that you would like to see.....